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Step 1:

The Design Process starts with an in person consultation where I can learn about everything that makes your business special and your own goals and visions of the project. What defines your company?  What are the differenciating factors between you and your competitors? What kind of clients are you looking to attract; what is your current demographic versus your intended clientele? Do you have business logos that you have liked, and what about them are you attracted to? What is your favorite color? The more details we get through the consultation the more information we can use to develop a successful and accurate business branding concept.







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Step 2: 

Now that we have established your vision  and what makes your business different, it is time we start designing a logo and branding concept. The creative process begins with the all important Research and Design. Before a pencil even touches a sketchbook we diligently research industries in your field, both in your area and among the popular searches in google as it better aids us in the designing of something truly unique and dynamic.

Once we have sketched out some ideas, we begin building them in our Adobe Illustrator program. This will usually prompt our second meeting in where we can present you the created logo concepts. You will receive a file, much like that pictured below, of approximately 6-9 different logos, and we will walk you through our creation and development process.

Logo Concepts1












Whether you have fallen in love with a logo immediately or like a few concepts and would like to see a combination of them, that is both expected and completely part of the creation process. I want you to be completely happy with your logo, from a marketing perspective it is the heart of your business and the foundation on which all other design elements are based.




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Step 3:

Now that the logo and branding concept has been created, it is now time to begin building the rest of your marketable materials to reflect this new design. Everything from business cards to email signature should be updated to reflect this change, as you certainly do not want to confuse of mislead potential clients by marketing yourself in two different ways.  The website is also another major marketing tool that should also be tailored to reflect your company branding. The idea being that all the pieces and media of your company are the same, and provide a dynamic and strong brand.  For me, every pixel has to be perfect.