Evan Photo 2016

Who Am I?

My name is Evan Gallagher and I have been a professional graphic designer for over 10 years. The intrigue and concepts for design has always been something I have been passionate about.  Prior to college, I managed to incorporate graphic design projects into my summer jobs, learning about the fundamentals of designing as I went. My years of experience have taught me many key areas to success, one of the reasons I am always in a continuous learning process.
My biggest hobby is definitely board game design. I have been designing a board game over the past year and it has been an excellent challenge.  I have grown in both the creative  process and the evolution of game design and mechanics. Several massive revisions in both game play and ascetics have occurred, with each revision I find myself closer and closer to a finished project of which I am very proud.

Why Pixel-Perfect Designs?

I currently work as a Creative Director for a Branding company called Shadowblast, alongside my own graphic design company which you are currently viewing. This way I got the best of both worlds; hands-on experience marketing to businesses with Shadowblast, learning to hire, train and manage a team, learning everything I can from Kris Ward (branding Guru and owner) and allowing me to apply those learned skills towards business clients of my own. Through my work at Shadowblast, I quickly learned that the key to successfully marketing a company does not come from flashy graphics or modelling after what is currently trending, but rather accurately developing the brand to match the company. The only way to do this is to work along side the client, learning everything that defines their business, and separates them from the competition.

I believe Pixel Perfect has the advantage of being able to provide you personalized professional service second to none. I will collaborate closely with you to develop your brand so that it accurately represents your feelings about your business while also promoting success in your given market. I start from the ground up by creating a series of fresh and dynamic initial visual concepts.  These later become the foundation upon which rest of your company brand is built. This process has allowed me to successfully and accurately create a graphical campaign that portrays the very essence of the client's business, ranging from the starting entrepreneur to the large corporations.