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Welcome to Pixel-Perfect Designs, my name is Evan Gallagher and this is my graphic design and branding company.  At Pixel-Perfect Designs you will find limitless ambition and passion for design. I have worked with large companies and small companies alike, and even though their market goals may differ their need for dynamic branding and successful marketing campaigns remains the same.  From business cards to website design, we can ensure all your design needs are perfect down to the last pixel.

The Design Process

The Design Process starts with an in person consultation where I can learn about everything that makes your business special and your own goals and visions of the project. What defines your company?  What are the differentiating factors between you and your competitors?

Pixel-Perfect Designs

I have worked for both a Branding company called Shadowblast, and started my own graphic design company you are currently viewing. This way I got the best of both worlds; hands-on experience marketing  businesses with Shadowblast, while at the same


Through my graphic designing career I have had the pleasure of working with several businesses and clients, each with their own unique concepts of what they would like their brand and graphics to incorporate. Even two clients within the same business demographic have