Plushie Pals Adventures

One of my passions is board game design. I absolutely love the idea of building something that my friends and others can play. What started out a s contest submission for quickly turned into something much greater. I had always played around with game concepts and ideas, but I never surrounded myself in a community with likeminded individuals that shared that passion for board games. I have been working and fine tuning the Plushie Pals game for around a year, but it is a blast to play. For more information see BGG link below


Full Game Summary
Plushie Pals Adventures is a cooperative dice rolling game for 1 to 4 Players, made to look like it was designed by a child to appeal to a younger audience. Players will choose a Plushie Pal and use attack dice, trying to roll high combinations (poker hands) in order to use their stronger abilities. During the first two rounds players will fight monsters while the Boss Monster casts their unique abilities to further increase the difficulty. If the players defeat all the monsters they proceed to the Final Round where they will fight against the Boss Monster in a Final Battle!

Plushie Pal Adventures Game Components:
– 6 Heroes with their own Character Decks
– 6 New Power Items
– 48 double sided Monster Cards (Level 1 and Level 2)
– 6 Bosses: each with their own Character Card, Attack Card, Defend Card, and Health Card
– Status Tokens
– A New currency system called Bunny Bucks
– +40 Item Cards
– 10 Mobile Market Cards
– 1 Campaign Book
– 1 Updated Rulebook
– 2 Status Reference Cards
– 2 Gameplay Cards
– And 1 Boat Card called The Noodles

Additional Components:
– 4 sets of coloured Attack Dice
– 4 Hero XP Dice
– 4 Hero Health Cubes
– 6 Monster Health Cubes
– 1 Boss Health Cube

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